Your creativity,
your content,
your business

The all-in-one publishing platform, for established creators who are ready to own their growth

You've established your audience and voice

You've found success building an audience for your posts, your videos, your podcast. You're established on social media, and want to lift this audience to a home you own

You have many projects in mind

Are you adding a video series to your podcast? Paid masterclasses to your newsletters? Want to sell access to some parts of your content on a one-off basis and other parts on subscription? When you're diversifying and want to do this all under one roof -- your roof -- this is what we're here to help you build

You're looking at your next scale

You're a one-person brand or a small team but the next stage requires rock solid productivity tools for your business: scale, but not more technical overhead
Helio is a complete
productivity suite
that comes with
your custom theme
beautiful emails
a rich content editor
your brand identity
any font you want
(even in email!)
tip jar
one-off sales
affiliate marketing
publishing videos
publishing guides
publishing courses
your website builder

The Helio editor is a document editor - no fussy HTML - but it's got tricks you've never seen

Interested in joining Helio as an Alpha?
Some answers:

How is Helio different?
Helio is the publishing platform for passion economy creators and small businesses who are already established: We're boiling down the tool suite of some of the biggest publishers, for solo creators and small teams, with everything under one roof.
Intuitive and flexible is our sweet spot for Helio: we're building tools for creators, not engineers!
Who is behind Helio?
We're a young company with deep experience in publishing and delivery platforms, advanced monetization and analytics (at the New York Times, Taboola)
We were incubated at Founders Factory with funding from GMG Ventures (The Guardian)
What kind of creators do you support?
We are for every type of creators: whether you monetize your content directly with one-off sales (like courses), or want to establish subscriptions. There's no limit in topics (except certain activities like guns or porn), and we're very focused on being able to support very visual creators -- across the lifestyle and artistic spectrum
How much does Helio cost?
Our Alpha users will pay nothing for several months and receive deeply discounted terms for several years for joining early. Eventually, Helio will run with a mix of hosting fees tied to your traffic, some usage fees (email) and revenue-related fees for monetization tools at the low end of comparable tools.
We're in it to help you scale big, and our pricing reflects that
Is Helio running on my own site?
Helio can run under your domain (which we recommend for your long term SEO), or Helio's own. We send emails from your domain, like the pros: you're making a long term investment in your domain authority and insuring you can't be tagged as spam if other creators don't behave well
How do I join the Alpha?
Please fill out the application. We promise it's really short and we won't spam you! Speak soon ...

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